Honey Gentry weaves magic with Dreamlover

Honey is smooth, honey is sweet, so it stands to reason that Honey Gentry’s Dreamlover EP is exactly that. Gently dripping tracks out over the last couple of years, her body of work is a melancholic journey that has, or will likely see the protagonist in every story meet tragedy.

Dreamlover represents another strong cornerstone in what Honey is building. Her music is in general, very easy to listen to. The gentle sounds & melancholic, smooth singing style effortlessly glide into your ears and swim around your brain. The stillest of nights & calmest of oceans are poured into her craft.

Each track is a unique sonic journey, with the simplicity of their construction adding to the beauty. Instrumentals aren’t overblown, everything is softly played, from the gentle plucking of a guitar to the faint rolling of drums. Standout tracks are easily Daydream Baby and Heart Of Gold, for their melancholic approaches to songwriting, and the instrumental arrangements contribute to the pseudo-tragic narrative of the song.

To compare Honey to anyone would be unfair, she is her own artist with her own sonic blueprint, but to listen to Dreamlover and say you do not feel airs of del Rey and flashes of Buckley would be false. With that, it’s also unfair to say that she can’t reach the same heights as her inspirations with her melancholic, easily listenable sound.

Releases come steadily from Honey, and every one solidifies her status as one of the best new artists out there. Weaving magic into her craft, the only wish from outside is for her to continue growing and growing as an artist.

Published by Oliver Butler

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