The New Consistent Pens An Ode To The Big Man With Rude Boys

Sometimes, it’s hard to open up, and turn the camera back on ourselves, forensically investigating the numerous facets of our lives. For Ben Ramsay though, he’s taken inspiration from within to release music as The New Consistent, with Rude Boys taking a look at, and providing an honest commentary on his relationship with his dad.

This follows his blueprint of providing an honest commentary on modern life, filmed through the lens of a 19-year-old rapscallion, a ragamuffin… a rude boy, if you will. His debut EP, Individual Social Accounts and Commentary earlier this year provided silky smooth beats and a running commentary of modern life. Think Sleaford Mods after a valium, or, more seriously, one of his personal inspirations, fellow Brummie Mike Skinner.

Rude Boys is an incredibly easy listen, the beat has a slick, relaxed, lounge-ish feel to it. Sit back, relax and enjoy as Ramsay gently and eloquently writes an aural love letter to his old man. The video even features his old man, the big man, quite literally, as The New Consistent Snr. stands at a mighty 6″7.

Ben is just 19 years old and is bursting with enthusiasm, ideas, positivity and optimism for the future. After working with another Brummie musician… a vocalist called Ozzy… or Austin Williams from Swim Deep, Ben produced Rude Boys by himself, and clearly has the knack for the production that he does for vocal delivery and storytelling.

Whilst Rude Boys is thoroughly enjoyable, it’s the future that gets you more excited. A few more production tricks here, a few more paths wandered here, and Ramsay’s output will just continue to get better and better. He has a lot of confidence in his abilities, which counts for a lot when you’re just getting started, and with more to come before the year’s out, you just know he’s got another story to tell. Instead of interviewing him in Paris’ most expensive hotels, you’ll be sat in the pub with a smattering of empty pints, as he commentates on modern life through his lens.

Published by Oliver Butler

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